Boiler Hire for Hotels & Resorts

Acclimatise are temperature control specialists with a fantastic understanding of the hospitality industry and extensive experience supplying boiler rental solutions to various hotels and holiday resorts. Our bespoke temperature control packages for resorts have given us a reputation for ability to meet extensive bespoke demands and ensuring visitors remain comfortable throughout their stay. No matter what aspect of hospitality you’re in, Acclimatise has the boiler rental solution that’s right for you.

Acclimatise have been providing temporary boiler rental solutions to various hotels and hospitality centres across the country. Our industrial boilers are precision engineered by our in-house experts and are designed to function reliably with simple, intuitive operation and control.

Acclimatise offers market-leading equipment and unbeatable customer support. Our fleet of boilers fuel firing options include natural gas and oil, as well as the latest eco fuel technology. In addition, we use as many ecologically friendly materials as we can throughout the build and endeavour to always have incredible fuel efficiency to save you money and reduce our carbon footprint.

These units are built to be efficient, quiet, modular, and scalable. They’re then housed in a self-contained casing with a small footprint to fit within even the most challengingly small spaces, in or around your building. We’ve craned, HIAB lifted, and skated them into final position when necessary – taking care of the logistics ourselves so that you don’t have to.

After our detailed, free, no-obligation site survey, we take note of your premises, requirements, and current systems to ensure we can get your premises temperature controlled with immediate effect. All required ancillary equipment is also supplied, ensuring we can install directly into your current infrastructure.

Our expert engineers have fantastic experience ensuring the ambient temperature for your guests is perfectly neutralised. In addition, as one of the leading boiler hire companies in the UK, you can count of us to be both dependable, quick, and effective.