A&E and Waiting Rooms

  • Reduce Risk of Infection & Discomfort

    Waiting rooms and emergency rooms are at a particularly high-risk for the spread of infection due to the high volume of vulnerable patients waiting for treatment in relatively close proximity for several hours. These rooms are often poorly ventilated, increasing not only the risk of infectious diseases being spread to healthcare personnel and other patients but also increases the chances of acquiring new infections associated with treatment.


    • High traffic of untreated patients who may be carriers of viruses and disease
    • Close proximity of infectious patients
    • Lower levels of¬†HVAC¬†ventilation
    • Frequent exposure to the outside air

    • Balances air ventilation rate with particulate reduction and/or odour mitigation
    • Safe and effective for large, open, crowded spaces
    • Five fan speeds allow noise-level adjustment
    • High air flow for large open spaces