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Industrial Boiler Hire Solutions for Variable Heating & Hot Water Demands

For industrial and commercial boiler hire, providing temporary heating and hot water systems to both the private and public sector, Acclimatise offers an unbeatable service. Our UK team of specialist boiler engineers have designed all of our rental boilers prioritising energy efficiency, reliability and versatility.

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Our fleet of temporary boilers ranges from 50 kW to 1000 kw (1 MW) with a maximum operating temperature of 95°C and safety valves rated at 6 bar.

Our industrial boiler systems are self-contained for ease of transportation. This simultaneously makes them ideal for confined spaces, such as service yards, compounds and plant rooms. They can be craned, HIAB lifted and skated into final position where necessary, all of which, along with logistics, we take care of.

Bespoke, flexible, efficient

With Acclimatise you get an entirely bespoke boiler system solution, and our plant can be supplied with everything from temporary pipework  to bunded fuel tanks and secondary fluid systems to reduce cross-contamination and blockages.

With a choice of fuel firing including natural gas and oil, as well as the latest eco fuel technology, we aim to provide the most flexible boiler packages on the rental market.

Dual stage burners ensure that fluctuating heat requirements can be met with optimum efficiency under all conditions, including part load. And with 24/7 remote systems monitoring incorporating advanced fault-finding capabilities, we can deliver unrivalled up time and continuity.

Boiler rental for any situation or application, with seamless integration

Aside from scheduled maintenance shutdowns, seasonal bolstering and unforeseen equipment malfunctions, Acclimatise also assist clients with Disaster Recovery Planning, ensuring adequate boiler contingencies are in place.

Our fully customised short and long-term boiler rental packages are designed to integrate directly with existing piping and plumbing networks.

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Modular and scalable, but no more than is required

Where additional engineering or equipment is requested or required to ensure smooth, stable operation and user control, we supply and install it.

This may include:

  • ​Manifolds / header fabrication​
  • Pump sets for multiple circuits
  • Three-way valves
  • Secondary fluid systems
  • Automated temperature control equipment
  • Fixed pipework fabrication​
  • Bunded fuel tanks
  • Fuel management​
  • Booster pumps
  • Remote boiler monitoring / fault detection ​

We will never ‘up sell’ additional systems and functionality that are not needed. Our longstanding clients trust us to devise and deliver the perfect boiler solution for the job; nothing more, nothing less.

Our fleet of cutting-edge boilers represent an ecological, flexible alternative to the majority of solutions currently on the market.

Taking into account the increasing pressure on companies to limit their carbon footprint, our boilers have been optimised to run on bio-fuel, diesel or gas, providing organisations with a cleaner method of heat generation.

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Delivering maximum uptime and control

The close regulation and stabilisation of temperatures is never an issue with an Acclimatise system. We can link control and monitoring of our boiler plant into existing building management systems, with the option to control multiple boilers centrally to meet differing load demands.

Whatever the time of year or ambient conditions, our boiler systems function seamlessly, with glycol anti-freezing measures available and boilers able to fire at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Committed supplier/client relationship

From day one through to the fulfilment of a contract and beyond, forging strong working relationships with our clients is a priority for us.

We offer comprehensive site surveys allowing us to devise the perfect boiler solution, before delivering and installing your boiler quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime, whether it’s an emergency, short-term or long-term hire.


Industrial boilers for commercial and public sector

We work with clients across a vast range of different sectors and industries, providing temporary boilers in numerous settings, including:

  • Residential buildings
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Government and Military facilities
  • District heating networks
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Processing factories
  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Hotels and spas

Looking for boiler hire? For tailored commercial and industrial boiler hire solutions designed and delivered by experts, contact us now on 01782 595 969.


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