Equipment Hire

  • Air Conditioning
    Hire Solutions

    Air Conditioning
    Hire Solutions

    Acclimatise offer a range of cooling and air conditioning solutions for long or short-term rental, from a 2 kW portable unit to a 1000 kW chiller and AHU. We have many years’ experience helping clients meet their air-con requirements.
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  • Temporary Air
    Handler Hire

    Temporary Air
    Handler Hire

    Acclimatise have a wealth of experience in the design, engineering and supply of rental air handling units to both private and public sector organisations, providing temporary solutions for as long as required.
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  • Air-to-Air
    Heat Pump Hire

    Heat Pump Hire

    Our industrial-grade heat pumps can be supplied as part of an air handling solution or standalone units. Ideal for a range of applications such as large-scale temperature control and process cooling.
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  • Temporary
    Boiler Hire

    Boiler Hire

    As well as providing flexible, short and long-term industrial boiler hire solutions for large organisations, Acclimatise work with public sector institutions, private care homes, housing associations and hospitals.
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  • Temporary
    Chiller Hire

    Chiller Hire

    Our versatile fleet of rental chillers can be dispatched in the event of an emergency, when production needs bolstering, throughout periods of scheduled maintenance and to accommodate for seasonal peaks in demand.
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  • Heating


    Through our market-leading temporary heater rental service, Acclimatise offer clients flexible, tailored, cost-effective packages on both a short and long term basis. Our heater hire units provide warm, clean air into any environment.
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About Us

We specialise in bespoke solutions

Acclimatise specialises in bespoke solutions to unique challenges, covering industrial boiler hire, chiller rental, air handling and air conditioning, power generation and heating.

With clients ranging from events organisers to blue-chip companies, government agencies and public institutions, we are one of the UK’s leading temporary temperature control and air handling service providers. We work with numerous longstanding customers throughout the commercial, construction, IT, leisure, retail, healthcare, industrial and facilities management sectors.

Whether you’re seeking to secure energy, heating and climate control contingency for a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) or simply need a fast, short or long-term temporary solution to a seasonal or unanticipated problem, browse our service pages and contact us now for a consultation.

Scheduled, Emergency & Disaster Recovery Boiler Hire

A functioning boiler system is not just a concern for the winter months. If your current boiler is going to be out of action due to maintenance or you would like to make sure you know what your industrial / commercial boiler hire options are, or what provision you will need in the event of an emergency (or you are currently in such a position) call us now on: 01782 595 969.

Our highly experienced engineers can advise and devise entirely bespoke solutions to meet your exact requirements. Our stock range of temporary boilers range from 50 kW to 1000 kW but please contact us if you need anything more substantial.

Acclimatise Events – HVAC Hire

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Why Choose Acclimatise

  • Maintenance

    From heaters to industrial chillers, we can install a range of temporary systems as cover for planned maintenance, keeping disruption and downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • Disaster Recovery

    We help organisations incorporate boiler, air handling and power generation contingency into their Disaster Recovery Plan, so if the worst happens, we can spring into action. Fast.
  • Emergency

    If you need to mitigate faulty cooling, heating or hot water systems in a hurry, Acclimatise are the only emergency hire service you’ll need. Be sure to keep our phone number close.
  • System Monitoring

    We can identify and fix unit faults, set and manage critical monitor numerous system variables – all remotely, allowing seamless service and peace of mind.

Why Rent from Acclimatise?

We’ve had decades of experience delivering consistently excellent results. Our reputation has steadily grown, long-term client relationships have been forged and a large proportion of our work comes from repeat business and customer recommendations.

At our core, Acclimatise is a team of highly-skilled, specialist engineers. This means we have a deep technical understanding of client requirements and problems as well as the most appropriate solutions. Through initial conversations, site surveys and rigorous evaluations, we use the full breadth of our combined expertise to devise then deliver optimal solutions, on time and on budget. We are then on hand for the duration of the project to supervise and maintain the systems we install.

  • Commercially Minded

    Today’s unpredictable economy and tight regulations place a wealth of demands on the modern commercial organisation. There is continual pressure to deliver high-quality products and services, maintain safe and comfortable working conditions, and strive to protect a corporate image staked on ethics and ecological policy.

    Down time can be disastrous. Power outages, boiler or chiller breakdowns can lead to loss of stock, breakdowns in IT infrastructure frustrated customers and an unhappy workforce. Acclimatise fully understand these demands and the need to work quickly and efficiently; it’s how we’ve become one of the leading organisations in the UK to provide commercial boiler hire, full-spectrum temperature control and power generation solutions to commercial businesses. Through tailored solutions, turnkey packages and emergency callouts, we’re here to protect continuity at your business. Offering both short and long-term hire contracts, we respond rapidly and dynamically to the needs of your business, with scalable solutions and industry-leading support.

  • Public sector, government and military

    As well as organisations with commercial interests, Acclimatise provide temporary heating, cooling, air handling and power solutions to a range of public sector institutions and governmental projects, from hospitals to the military. We’re ISO accredited, and remain fully committed to providing only the most efficient, compact and ecologically friendly systems on the UK market. We provide services covering planned maintenance, disaster recovery and on a reactive call for urgent solutions when the worst happens.

  • Expert solution design

    Acclimatise deliver tailored solutions uniquely addressing the situation and requirements of the clients we work with; be they private hospitals, care homes, music festivals or food processing plants. We collaborate closely with organisations, undertaking thorough assessments before providing any recommendations or devising any plans. We still work quickly and efficiently, but we make sure we understand exactly what’s required before moving forward.

  • Maintenance & support

    Our commitment to quality, efficiency and cost-efficiency continues well after the implementation stage. As part of our collaborative approach, we work closely with clients subsequent to installation, offering a comprehensive parts and maintenance service to ensure a streamlined, efficient process. This reassures clients that whether they’re setting up a field hospital in a hostile territory, or organising the catering for an international event, they can wholeheartedly believe and trust in the technology we supply.

Acclimatise Events – HVAC Hire

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    Chiller Hire

    Acclimatise offers market-leading industrial chiller hire solutions, with state-of-the-art equipment and unbeatable customer support. Our commercial chillers are designed for a wealth of different uses, including all process cooling and commercial applications, and across a wide range of industry sectors.

    With units ranging from 20 kW up to 1000 kW, our versatile fleet of rental chillers can be dispatched in the event of a cooling emergency, to cover periods of scheduled maintenance or to bolster production during seasonal peaks in demand.

    Heater Hire

    Through our widely-regarded heater rental service, Acclimatise aims to offer clients flexible and efficient solutions on both a short and long term basis. Our options can easily be adapted to suit a range of applications across the commercial, industrial and events sectors, and Acclimatise have continuously delivered cost-effective solutions to companies both within and outside of the UK.

    In a bid to reflect the changing landscape of energy consumption and ecological values, all of our heater rental units can be powered by diesel fuel options, making our solutions some of the most environmentally friendly on the market.

    Boiler Hire

    For industrial and commercial boiler plant hire, providing temporary heating and hot water systems to both the private and public sector, Acclimatise offers an unbeatable service.  Our UK team of specialist boiler engineers have designed all of our rental boilers prioritising energy efficiency, reliability and versatility. Our fleet of temporary boilers ranges from 50 kW to 1000 kW (1 MW) with a maximum operating temperature of 95°C and safety valves rated at 6 bar.


    With Acclimatise you get an entirely bespoke boiler system solution, and our plant can be supplied with everything from temporary pipework (including gas) to bunded fuel tanks and secondary fluid systems to reduce cross-contamination and blockages.

    Air Handler Hire

    Acclimatise have a wealth of experience in the design and supply of air handler rental units to organisations across several sectors, and can provide both short and long term solutions as required. Our vast range of HVAC rental options are supplemented by decades of practical experience working across and servicing a variety of industries. Our engineers don’t just deliver and install, but instead perform a preliminary critical survey, providing recommendations as to which of our tailored industrial ventilation, process cooling and air handling system solutions best suit your requirements.

    Scalable By Design

    Our temporary cooling and heating solutions are entirely scalable and specifically designed to help organisations keep comfortable and productive under pressure, from large public sector or retail buildings in need of additional air handling capacity to temporary structures and events. Our range of air handling units utilise fan coil systems, allowing them to both heat and cool air upon specification, making them a versatile, cost-effective solution for today’s multi-faceted organisation. This forward-thinking technology is suited to a wide range of purposes and is commonly employed in situations requiring precision, large volume air conditioning, including applications such as document archiving and food storage.

    Air Conditioning Hire


    Our range of cutting-edge air conditioning rental units are backed up by decades of experience providing air cooling and conditioning solutions to a wide range of industries. Our engineers conduct site surveys before recommending an air conditioning hire solution that fits your unique requirements.

    Temporary Industrial Air Conditioning & Air Handling

    The air conditioning systems we supply are efficient, reliable, scalable, and discreet, making them apt for a wide variety of applications, from office climate control to temperature management at large marquee events.

    Bolster air conditioning in your commercial premises

    If your permanent air conditioning provision isn’t up to seasonal demand during summer, or is down for scheduled maintenance or repair, our air conditioning hire service will keep your staff comfortable and productive.

    Power Generator Hire

    Our versatile range of generators for hire are efficient, robust and compact, making them the logical choice for all of your permanent and temporary power production requirements.

    At Acclimatise, our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge in the design, manufacture and installation of power generators; we deliver reliable power generation solutions across several industries and sectors, including military, industrial and construction. Companies and organisations rely on the temporary power solutions we provide to keep the lights on in the most critical of situations, returning to Acclimatise on account of our reputation for product quality and reliability.

    Our wide range of power generators have been designed to provide relief and reassurance under urgent circumstances; energy-efficient, clean and cost-effective, they’re suitable for a variety of permanent and temporary requirements. We even offer bespoke design packages, wherein our engineers can work in conjunction with your company to devise a tailored solution suited directly to your exacting requirements.