Air Cleaning Products

Our range of patented air purifiers and air cleaners has expanded with our newly launched air disinfectors – developed using the latest technology and scientific research. We can now offer thermal heating disinfection to advanced HEPA H-14 filtration, in units that are compact, mobile, and plug-and-go. Acclimatise is constantly reviewing and researching the market to bring the most technologically advanced equipment available to our clients.

This fleet of air cleaning units offers effective solutions to a range of both business and home applications by removing contaminants, viruses, and pollutants. Their plug-in nature acts as a perfect complement to existing ventilation structures and surface cleaning protocols. This provides a healthier home and working environment by significantly improving air quality.

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  • At any construction site where there is the potential for air and water pollution from dust travelling across the landscape and through the air, our larger dust cleaning products are recommended.

    To learn more about these unique products, available exclusively through Acclimatise, contact our sales team or browse the rang below.


  • Vertical Heater / Thermal Disinfector TES 200

    This is a specialist professional heating device that uses a combination solution for disinfection of surfaces, filtering, and thermal inactivation of micro-organisms.


  • Room Air Cleaner TAC V+

    For purifying areas, efficiently reducing suspended matter and accumulations of aerosol particles, this powerful air cleaner is highly effective.


  • Dust Control Range

    This is our most efficient model of the TAC series and it reliably ensures air purification of incredible efficiency.