General Patient Wards

  • Reduce Risk of Outbreaks & Infection

    In multi-bed wards the risk of contamination can be several times higher when compared with single-bed rooms, as bacteria originating from one patient or guest can spread around the room to other patients via air currents. Bacteria can also be spread between patients by healthcare workers despite rigorous handwashing practices, as bacteria could be on their clothes or get picked up from other surfaces.


    • Varying room size/layouts create dead zones of poorer air quality
    • High patient-bed turnover
    • Multiple patients occupying the same ward
    • High visitor and staff traffic

    • Eliminates dead zones in any ward layout
    • Safe to use around vulnerable patients
    • Easily moved by staff to specific points of care
    • Adsorbs and neutralizes odours
    • Five fan speeds allow noise level adjustment