Intensive Care Units

  • Reduce Risk of Cross Contamination

    Patients at high-risk for healthcare-acquired infections, such as ICU and oncology patients, typically have a compromised immune system, long length of hospital stay, several caregivers performing multiple tasks, and a high quantity of invasive devices being used.

    The presence of even one of these factors contributes to a higher risk of biological or environmental contamination.


    • Staff and visitor traffic is heavy
    • ICUs are occupied by multiple patients
    • ICU patients are immuno-compromised
    • High number of invasive devices in use
    • Air flow is non-uniform in “dead zones” like entries, exits, and sink areas

    • Safe to use around vulnerable patients
    • Easily moved by staff to point of care
    • Rapidly and safely disinfects ICUs
    • Eliminates dead zones in ICU layout