IVF Laboratories

  • Improve Embryonic Development

    Airborne pathogens can negatively affect embryonic development and they can be present even when IVF labs are following strict hygiene practices. Indoor contaminants, such as VOCs, and outside air pollution from road work, traffic, and insecticides can all lead to fluctuations in IVF success. Dangerous pollutants can settle onto the aqueous solutions and oil overlays where fragile embryos are cultured, adversely affecting success.



    • Ducts and pipes are exposed to dust
    • Older labs are being renovated
    • Lab is located in urban environment
    • Lab does not have VOC filtration
    • Walls and surfaces are made from porous materials
    • Furniture, cleaning methods and clothing are not clean room approved

    • Augments HVAC filtration
    • Eliminates VOCs 
    • Rapid non-chemical air disinfection
    • Renders airborne bacteria non-viable
    • Safe to use around staff