Operating Theatres

  • Reduce Risk of Surgical Site Infections

    Surgical site infections are caused by bacteria that infect incisions made during surgery and can lead to more than 90,000 deaths each year, half of which are estimated to be preventable. One of the most significant sources of contamination is particles released into the air by personnel in the operating room. Small microorganisms and viruses latch onto these particles and enter through open wounds or inhalation.


    • Ventilation is inadequate (<15 total ACH)
      HEPA filters are installed but not regularly replaced
    • HVAC air vents are not regularly cleaned
      Reliance for infection control is on laminar airflow systems
    • HEPA filtration is not installed in the HVAC system
    • Powerful odors are generated from medical procedures, cleaning chemicals, or patients
    • Patients are vulnerable to secondary infections, particularly from pulmonary, airborne pathogens

    • Adsorbs odour from laser plumes and surgical smoke (Defend 1050)
    • Rapidly restores a safe operating environment
    • Easily moved by staff between operating theatres
    • Augments HVAC systems without adequate airflow