Air Handler Hire for Communications & IT Rooms

Effective temperature control of server communication and IT-focused rooms is paramount to their continued success and at Acclimatise we understand the HVAC hire needs of those in several types of business in this sector. More companies than ever before are heavily dependent on computers, which is why Acclimatise ensure we’re up to date on the temperature control needs of contemporary businesses.

At Acclimatise we’ve been providing temporary HVAC hire solutions to businesses in the IT sector, or who heavily rely on IT, for many years. This industry and its technological requirements are constantly evolving but our expert engineer’s experience means we have an in-depth knowledge of your cooling solution requirements.
We acknowledge the sensitivity of electronic hardware and therefore can strategically design HVAC systems to suit any project brief. Our fleet of heaters, air conditioning units, and ventilation systems are efficient, modular, and scalable, ranging from 2kW to 1000kW. We also have air-to-air heat pumps that can regulate temperature from -10° up to 45°, for cases in which both warming and cooling is required.
These state-of-the-art HVAC systems are housed in a self-contained casing with a small footprint for ease of transportation. We design your custom HVAC hire package based on our free, no-obligation site survey, which we carry out in detail at a time suitable for you.
Contact Acclimatise today to find out more about our services in your sector.