Boiler Hire for Hospitals & Healthcare

At Acclimatise, we recognise how imperative it is to have reliable boiler rental solutions in place. In a healthcare environment, there can be no margin of error due to the sensitivity of the health of the patients. Therefore, you should only seek temperature control solutions from reputable contractors and as one of the UK’s most trusted providers of rental solutions, we guarantee a precise and reliable service for anyone in the healthcare sector.

Depending on the healthcare facility or hospital, temperature requirements can vary wildly between wards, labs, clinics, and more. Therefore, we create custom designs for all our healthcare clients to ensure a comprehensive boiler hire package to suit your exact needs. We can supply effective solutions on both a planned basis to cover peaks in demand or planned maintenance, as well as for emergency recovery.

To meet project demands we have fuel firing, including natural gas and oil, as well as the latest eco fuel technology, which can heat up to 95°c. However, if heating and cooling is required within one unit, we stock air-to-air heat pumps that can regulate temperature from -10° up to 45° and other effective temperature control solutions.

This fleet of boilers is efficient, quiet, modular, and scalable, ranging from 50kW to 1000kW, and housed in a self-contained casing with a small footprint to fit within even the most challenging or cramped areas.

Acclimatise will then continue to remotely manage our boilers, informing your engineers of any potential issues – often before they’ve been noticed by staff on site – in addition to our 24/7 emergency support service. Our technical support will constantly be on hand throughout the hire period and we ensure to turn up with all the necessary ancillary equipment to fit quickly into your current infrastructure.

Whether you need support for one room or power for an entire hospital, we’re fully equipped to deliver you the best service on the first call out.