Boiler Hire for Petrochemicals & Refineries

At Acclimatise, we recognise how imperative it is to have reliable temperature control solutions in place at petrochemical plants and refineries. In this environment, there can be no margin of error due to the sensitivity of the material being handled. Therefore, you should only seek boiler rental and installation from reputable contractors and as one of the UK’s most trusted providers of hire solutions, we guarantee a precise and reliable service for anyone in this sector.

We’re well established as one of the most reliable suppliers of boiler rental solutions in the UK, with an expansive fleet of various state-of-the-art boilers for use by petrochemical plants and refineries. But Acclimatise aren’t just supported by an impeccable reputation for fast, effective, reliable, and heating solutions for various functions within this sector, we also have expert engineers who carry out a free-no obligation site survey, no matter your location, to design a bespoke boiler rental plan.

Ranging from 50kW to 1000kW and housed in a self-contained casing with a small footprint for ease of transportation, this fleet of units is efficient, quiet, modular, and scalable. We stock fuel firing boilers including natural gas and oil, as well as the latest eco fuel, amongst other market leading temperature control solutions.

We constantly invest in both our technology and our workforce to ensure a spectacular service, but we also supply a 24/7 customer support line on top of the 24/7 remote monitoring of our heating systems.

Contact Acclimatise today to find out more about the potential we have available to support your ongoing operations, whether you need coverage for the long or short term.