Chiller Hire for Facilities Management

The constantly evolving needs of facilities managers are well understood by our temperature control specialists at Acclimatise. With our extensive experience supplying chiller rental solutions, we have the flexibility to work alongside facilities managers to effectively and efficiently satisfy client’s demands. Our tailored chiller hire packages have earned us a reputation of one of the leading suppliers of cooling solutions to your sector.

We’ve been supplying market leading chiller rental solutions to facilities managers across the country with both planned and emergency solutions. When air conditioning, freezers, or other essential cooling equipment fail, Acclimatise is prepared to offer a fast solution.

Whether you need our services to meet seasonal demand and new requirements, or just cover scheduled maintenance, we send out the very same precision engineered machines, designed and built by our in-house experts. We use as many ecologically friendly materials as we can throughout the build and endeavour to always have incredible fuel efficiency to save you money. All of which are built with a conveniently small footprint and self-contained in casing to ensure a quiet, modular, and scalable service.

In addition, they’re designed with simple, intuitive operation and control for ease of use for your customers. We also remotely monitor all our systems, informing your client of potential issues and managing the problem, often before they’re noticed on site. Effective climate control is a fundamental part of the responsibilities of a facilities manager; therefore, we act quickly in all situations.

After a free, no-obligation site survey we will draw up a plan based on your clients current and projected requirements. Then we will ensure to arrive with all necessary ancillary equipment to fit into current infrastructure, taking the responsibility of ensuring a perfect fit off your shoulders.

Get in contact with Acclimatise today to find out what we can do for you.