Chiller Hire for Process Cooling

Acclimatise delivers a range of precise process cooling services to many sectors, including petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. We recognise how imperative it is to have reliable temperature control solutions in place in process industries, which is why you can rely on us to supply the right service the right time, as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cooling solutions.

The complexity and critical nature of process cooling is well understood by our experienced engineers, who carry out a free, no-obligation site survey to thoroughly assess your requirements prior to drawing up your bespoke process cooling plan.

Acclimatise build market-leading fluid chiller units with as many ecologically friendly materials as possible and with spectacular fuel and therefore cost-efficiency. In our fleet of chillers, we have industrial units powerful enough to cool down to -45°c, with various units ranging from 50kW to 1000kW in scalable, modular units that we can use to provide the accurate amount of cooling for your specific requirements.

Our vast knowledge of cold storage, chilled storage and process cooling applications and expansive experience supplying these services to various industries, mean that Acclimatise are the number one choice for process cooling in many different sectors.

We constantly invest in both our technology and our workforce, but we also supply a 24/7 customer support line on top of the 24/7 remote monitoring of our process cooling systems.

Contact Acclimatise today to find out more about the potential we have available to support your ongoing operations, whether you need coverage for the long or short term.