Heater Hire for Marquees & Temporary Structures

Acclimatise has a great reputation for supplying energy-efficient, quiet, and scalable heater hire services for marquees and temporary structures across the UK. We boast the experience to ensure we can maintain cost-effective bespoke rental packages and cover everything from emergencies in the case of your current systems failing to cover scheduled maintenance to long term hire.

Acclimatise supply an impressive range of market-leading heater hire solutions. Our expert engineers build these units using up to date technology, ecologically friendly materials, and in a modular, scalable structure. Therefore, Acclimatise is the number one choice as a flexible and reliable supplier of heaters.

Our ability to accommodate even the most demanding and obscure requirements at any scale has earned us an exemplary reputation, and to meet those demands we have a collection of various styles of heaters for rental. This fleet is energy- and cost-efficient and housed in a self-contained casing with a small footprint for ease of transportation and to fit conveniently into small spaces.

We carry out a free, no-obligation site survey to ensure we deliver the right units and the right ancillary equipment to deliver the right service the first time. The we remotely monitor our heating systems 24/7, with customer support available to ensure we maximise your up time.

No matter your temporary structure, Acclimatise can tailor a bespoke heating package to your requirements. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for your specific project.