Senior Living Facilities

  • Reduce Risk of Infection & Outbreaks

    Our elderly friends and relatives are a more vulnerable population. Lower respiratory tract infections and pneumonia remain the leading causes of mortality in nursing homes. Of these infections, 20% are caused by airborne transmission. Having an outbreak in a senior living facility is not only a cost in staff calling out sick but can also be extremely dangerous for the residents.


    • Elderly are a vulnerable population
    • Seasonal ailments such as influenza and allergies can cause outbreaks
    • Dust mites, pollen, bacteria and mold spores spread through cleaning activities
    • High visitor and staff traffic

    • Prevents outbreaks by deactivating viruses at the¬†DNA¬†level
    • Reduces indoor allergens and bacteria
    • Allows areas post-patient turnover to be occupied more quickly
    • Contains and eliminates pathogens in high traffic areas