Introducing: Our Commercial Director | HVAC | Acclimatise

When change comes, Acclimatise isn’t afraid to embrace it. All the more so when it comes in the form of our new Commercial Director, Keith Browse. In this blog, we’re giving you the opportunity to get the measure of the man, from his varied achievements throughout his HVAC career to exactly what he’ll be adding to the Acclimatise team dynamic.

Put it Down to Experience

With knowledge grounded in over 29 years’ worth of experience in temperature control solutions, Keith is perfectly positioned to step into this new capacity. Having been entrusted with a medley of different duties in the past, we’re confident that his diverse skill set will seamlessly transfer.  Previously the Director and General Manager of Carrier Rental Systems UK for 10 years, he’s accustomed to keeping his finger on the HVAC industry’s pulse. Project-minded, Keith has channelled his focus into the Process and Manufacturing Industries, providing temporary process chillers, air handling units and heating solutions to anything from data centres to food manufacturers. Notably, his experience extends further still to his detailed involvement with the London Olympics and Commonwealth Games of 2002 & 2012, where temperature rental solutions were of course essential.

An Acclimatise Asset

Within the temperature control industry, it’s necessary to find practical and effective solutions without preventable delays. Being able to deliver these promises requires more than reliable products: it requires organisational and logistical know-how, skills that clearly reflect in Keith’s career. Thanks to his project management skills and engineering expertise, we anticipate that Acclimatise will further build its reputation for dependable HVAC solutions. A warm welcome to the team, Keith!

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us on 01782 595 969 to discuss your requirements.