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Unforeseen boiler malfunctions can be infuriating. They always seem to happen in the worst of times. No one ever expects their boiler to suddenly break down, and something as simple as a boiler break down can have a surprising and dramatic effect on employee downtime and profits within the business. If you are in need of an immediate solution, you may find yourself straining to find a practical and affordable response to your heating and hot water troubles. Sometimes, you may not even know which products and services would be best suited to your company.

Thankfully, experienced engineers at Acclimatise are ready to help in any way you might need. Our team would be happy to do on site surveys to analyse which of our range of products would better suit your personal situation, addressing and adapting for your company’s individual requirements. Should you require our boiler hire services for an extended period of time, we offer long term maintenance programs to ensure our products remain as reliable as ever. Our specialists can install on delivery, though if you would prefer to take matters into your own hands there are self-installation options available. Our products are designed to be easily integrated into the existing plumbing, meaning no extensive installation work is required, and can be combined with our other rental services quite effortlessly. For companies who pride themselves on their ecological and ethical principles, our energy efficient products are designed to reduce your carbon footprint with the use of bio-fuels.

Should you need additional support, our specialists can provide quality advice and assistance for anything between the installations to maintenance work. We provide year round assistance, available to help any time of the day and any day of the year. We pride ourselves on how responsive our team are, and we can be there to help within a matter of hours. For any boiler rental needs you may have, or to enquire about how we can help you with your personal situation, please contact us today on 0845 838 1901.