Why Choose Rental?

A Hire Level of Service:

Based in Stoke, one of the industrial epicentres of the UK, Acclimatise specialise in delivering bespoke and turnkey temperature control solutions on a rental basis to companies and events across the country. We work with our clients from conceptualisation through to aftercare, and believe that our rental services represent a cost-effective, long-term alternative to purchasing new equipment outright; read the following blog for more information.

Control Temperature – Control Costs

Opting for a rental project with Acclimatise puts you in charge of your budget and finances, whether you’re looking for air conditioning for an office building, temporary chilled storage, hot water systems during downtime or maintenance of dwellings, or even space heaters for a prestigious event. Our rental plans are tailored exactly to the equipment you require and the length of time you need it for, making it more cost-effective in the long run than purchasing brand new units in the majority of cases. It’s also important to note that Acclimatise offer a comprehensive aftersales and care service for the duration of our rental periods, further helping you to save money on repair and maintenance costs.

Scalability & Flexibility

Working in production, manufacturing or a similar sector? Acclimatise’s fleet of rental units empower your business to drastically upscale or downsize production operations as-and-when your business requires. All of our rental options can be tailored to your changing needs as a business, meaning you’re never left with units that aren’t in use, or stifled by limited production capacity. Our reputable rental services allow you to increase your output at a fraction of the financial investment – and therefore risk – of purchasing new equipment outright.

You can explore our full range of services online, for quotes, specifications and other information, please call us directly on 0845 838 1901 today.