Why Use Acclimatise?

Trust, Expertise, Results

There are several companies out there who offer temporary temperature control solutions, so what makes Acclimatise special? And how do we retain and build our customer base year after year? For one, we only ever offer completely honest and transparent advice and appraisals when assessing a job. If we’re not completely certain we can fulfil a specific remit, provide the exact service a customer needs or meet a budget requirement that we know isn’t sufficient for the task at hand, we will tell you.  It does neither us nor our clients any favours to cut corners or recommend using square pegs for round holes, so if you’ve been quoted for temporary square peg solution elsewhere before coming to us, we will tell you that you need a round peg – even if it costs more money. We’ve found that by growing our business gradually based on trust, expertise and consistent results, we’ve avoided falling into the trap of quote-beating at the expense of reputation.

Best Deal For Who?

In this digital age, it’s easy to shop around for the best deal. The more savvy of you will know, however, the concept of ‘false economy’. What appears the best deal on paper (or the screen of your smartphone) may simply be the cheapest. “Best” and “cheapest” are in no way synonymous, and when it comes to temporary temperature control and power solutions, you typically get what you pay for.

What’s more, for critical things such as keeping the hot water flowing at your food preparation business, the climate control of your office fully functioning or the power on at your care home, it’s wise to consider other variables as well as cost.  Such as whether what you’re hiring is fit for purpose (as well as cheap), whether you might have to source further provision if the first fails and whether you’re dealing with genuine experts or just a company with a warehouse full of plant equipment for hire (but questionable knowledge as to its proper application).

We’re Not Interested In ‘The Race To The Bottom’

At Acclimatise we don’t make compromises with our recommendations in order to undercut other companies, because we know how much a hire should cost in order to do the job that’s asked of it. But because this approach has lead to a happy, loyal and ever-growing customer base who are 100% confident with our services, we can still be competitive on price (because more business requires less profit margin per job).

We are in this for the long haul; we are engineers who know our industry inside out and we’re too proud of what we’ve built and the business relationships we’ve forged to get into a ‘race to the bottom’ on price with competitors. So if you do challenge us to beat a rental quote for £1,000, and after discussing the issue with you we know it’s going to cost three times that, we’ll explain to you the reasons for the cost disparity (and why the £1,000 solution is almost certainly going to be inadequate at best, calamitous and more costly in the long run at worst). That’s how we’ve built and maintain our reputation.

To talk to us about any aspect of our services and rental solutions, contact our team now on 01782 595 969 or email rental@acclimatise.net.