Room Air Cleaner TAC V+

This is a high performance, permanent air pollution control and virus filtering in high public traffic areas. The mobile high-performance air cleaner, TAC V+, was specifically designed for high volume public traffic areas, such as in the retail sector, leisure sector and other public institutions where many people pass through small spaces, resulting in the concentration of germs rising in the surrounding air.


Powerful air cleaner for purifying areas and for efficiently reducing suspended matter and accumulations of aerosol particles in the vicinity of the device. An innovative combination of filtration and decontamination technology. Unique in the world and exclusive from Trotec! Recent scientific research shows that “coughed up pathogens will spread for several metres within a few seconds and remain infectious in the room air for up to 5 minutes”. Therefore, creating virus-free and filtered ‘clean air zones’ shall be a top priority in significantly reducing the infection risk from corona or influenza viruses.

  • High Frequency Air Purification

    The high-frequency air purification of the TAC V+ filters 99.995% of the pathogenic viruses, dust and micro fibres of paper and textiles from the room air reducing the risk of infection in a room to a minimum.

    Being mobile, it just requires a power outlet near the zone to be cleaned. Depending on the required air change rate, the TAC V+ will produce a purified and filtered “clean zone area” of up to 320 cubic metres of air. Simply add additional units to clean larger areas.It is an innovative solution for creating zones with clean air that is free from viruses and pollutants.

  • The powerful air circulating fan, combined with the integrated F7 pre-filter system and Trotec H14 HEPA filter, guarantees to separate airborne germs, viruses and dust, bacteria, spores or micro fibres from paper or textiles.

    The special HEPA filter is equipped with a thermal self-cleaning function, automatically inactivating all viruses at regular intervals. This decontaminates the filter to 100%, offering reliable protection against germs and viruses throughout the day.

    This system significantly reduces the risk of airborne infection in highly frequented areas and guarantees purified room air for employees, guests and customers.

    In addition to the high performance TAC V+ air purifier, we also stock the TES 200 and the TAC 6500 free-standing air purification solutions.

  • A few practical benefits:

    • Unique in the world: Professional air cleaner – innovative combination of filtration and decontamination technology
    • Constant air pollution control and virus filtration in zones with high volume of public traffic
    • Automatic filter regeneration thanks to thermal virus decontamination of the specially developed and heat-resistant high-efficiency particulate air filter of class H14
    • Effective air filtration with F7 pre-filter and H14 HEPA main filter
    • Provides separation efficiency of 99.995% for particle sizes of 0.1 to 0.2um
    • Effective air filtration with F7 pre-filter and H14 HEPA main filter
    • Protects customers and employees in checkout areas, fresh food counters, promotional areas, running zones through permanent clean air purging
    • Offers visual protection against invisible viruses in the air
    • Simple operation: Fully automatic and low-maintenance operation
    • 100% environmentally friendly. No chemicals, no installation effort
    • Professional quality “Made in Germany“

Practical Applications

  • For a long time, it was assumed that dangerous viruses such as the corona virus spread mainly by droplet and smear infection (contact infection). However, more recent studies report that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, can also spread through the air in the form of microscopic airborne particles and remain infectious up to 3 hours.

    For businesses and retailers, this means that the indoor air must be kept as clean and germ-free as possible – in addition to spray and wipe disinfection of surfaces, trolleys, counters, equipment, check out areas, etc carried out to date.

  • Retail

  • Offices

  • Gyms, Fitness & Therapy Rooms

  • Restaurants & Canteens

  • Waiting Rooms & Doctors Surgeries

  • Public Spaces

  • Schools, Universities & Creches

  • Logistics