Our AHUs: A Breath of Fresh Air | HVAC | Acclimatise

Whether it’s for a one-off event space or full-time business premises, ensuring you have the right temperature control solution is a perennial priority. Affecting everything from health to productivity levels, our efficient air handling units can be hired long or short-term to facilitate your venture.

Catering for Diversity

If there’s one thing Acclimatise keeps at the forefront of its design, it’s adaptability. For that reason, each of our AHU rentals is capable of providing either hot or cool air thanks to their sophisticated fan coil systems. In doing so, your business can acquire a versatile solution, able to accommodate to a range of different environments. What’s more, this adaptability also means that our reach extends into various different sectors. From professionally maintaining temperatures for archival offices to consistent temperatures for the food industry, our air handling units are truly pervasive.

Fit Right In

Careful preparation puts an end to a world of woes. Guided by that thought process, our air handling units have been designed to slot seamlessly into each of our products, from heat pumps to hot water systems. In this way, we provide tailored temperature solutions to manage the ventilation and air conditioning of your event or premises.

Whatever industry you may be in, let your business have a breath of fresh air with our range of air handling unit rental available online today. Alternatively, contact us on 01782 595 969 to discuss your requirements.