Acing Temperature Control for Major Events in 2019

Owing to the unique, high-pressure nature of the events industry, clients require technology and solutions that they can rely on to cover the minute details, affording them the clarity of mind to focus on the wider picture. Acclimatise appreciate this, which is why leading names in the UK events industry choose us to supply a range of temperature control and power generation units to some of the country’s most prestigious occasions. 2019 has been another successful year with us delivering tailored solutions to a number of major UK Events. With over 16 years’ experience and industry-leading specialists on hand to offer a free site survey, Acclimatise is the No1 choice for temporary heating and cooling solutions including:

  • Temporary structures
  • Exhibition facilities
  • Festivals
  • Motorsport
  • Stadium heating
  • Sports climate training
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels & leisure facilities
  • Government facilities


Here at Acclimatise, we are proud of the diversity of markets that we serve. From national industrial chiller and boiler hires and major events to local Christmas Party and wedding venue heating. For everything temperature control:

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