Innovative Water Temperature Solutions | Case Study

Acclimatise have been chosen as the preferred supplier to support a key client, who support several successful fish farms in Scotland. Working together with these local specialists meant we were able to create innovative, enhanced water temperature control solutions, that build directly onto their current infrastructure.

In fish farming, water temperature is essential both to sustaining the life of the fish but also the end product quality. This delicate balance has been successfully achieved through our cooperation with these great local specialists, their knowledge, our years of experience, and our amazing technical development engineers.

We successfully reduced fuel usage by as much as 20% on some of their key fish farms, supplying 5000kW water heating solutions with full remote fuel and systems monitoring that enables us to act with precision on process fluctuations.

Customer Comment: “Acclimatise reported an outage of power on-site to the boiler before we even knew about it. Our engineers were already on-site and this call saved serious downtime due to a fault found in our own power supply. This just proved to us that the remote system supplied by Acclimatise goes above and beyond our expectations and what we have experienced in the past.”

As part of the development in this rapidly growing industry, we will be attending the Aqua Culture UK show in May. We endeavour to enable customers, contractors and suppliers to talk to us about options to help them reduce fuel usage, enhance digital monitoring systems and fully control water inlet and outlet temperatures.

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