Rapid Response in Action | Hot Water System | Acclimatise

Supplying critical heating or cooling equipment to various sectors, Acclimatise’s inbuilt rapid response capabilities are an essential component to our effectiveness. Providing immediate 24/7 assistance, our professional rental systems can help alleviate even worst-case scenarios within a matter of hours.

The Event

In the case of one Critical Illness Care Home in Milton Keynes, the client informed us that an external pile driver had accidentally hit the gas supply, causing the home to be completely cut off and leaving their hot water system defunct. No doubt we’ve all enjoyed the benefits of an efficient heating system, however if this is impeded where vulnerable individuals are involved, time could not be more crucial. Delays in restoring the supply may even become a matter of life and death for someone suffering with a serious illness. In short, a swift response was needed.

Our Solution

Deploying our heating expert to the Care Home, it was possible to quickly assess the damage and pinpoint the most appropriate solution. By the afternoon, the site visit had been completed and our specialist returned to our Stoke-on-Trent base to allocate the necessary equipment. Selecting a temporary hot water system and plate heat exchanger, the Care Home’s hot water supply was restored by 11am the following morning, allowing the main gas supply to be reconnected without undue pressure. In providing this temporary heating solution, the problem was bypassed and the residents remained unaffected by the situation, despite its severity.

Our Promise

Far from leaving clients in the dark, Acclimatise believes in providing the needed equipment in as quick a time frame as possible. Of course, we understand that there’s some truth in the age-old saying ‘more haste, less speed’. For that very reason, we prioritise thorough training for each staff member. In this way, it’s possible for our expert team to draw on their wealth of knowledge to provide the ideal solution, particularly in a real-life disaster where time truly is of the essence. With our 24/7 365 days a year response capacity, no loss of supply has to be long-term. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01782 595 969.