Case Study: Call Centre

Providing Temporary Air conditioning in an existing building can be a problem for some companies but not Acclimatise.

When we received a call from a facility manager at a call centre for temporary air conditioning we responded immediately and carried out a site survey.

From the site survey and subsequent meetings the problem was how to get cold air into the building as there were no obvious outside air vents that we could attached our ducting onto. The facility manger had other problems as the company did not own the building and we were not able to make any permanent alterations.

The solution was to remove one of the windows and replace with board and make a hole for our spigot to attach to. Two spigots were made for the flow and return ducting for the air to air heat pump. The air to air heat pump would allow cold chilled air to enter the building and take the return air back out of the building and compare the two temperatures. Thus creating a controlled climate within the building.