Boiling in Bristol: A Chilling Catastrophe

After soaring temperatures in the summer of 2017, the University of Bristol experienced a breakdown of one of their crucial chillers, impacting upon the essential systems in the Physics department. The vital high-performance computer (HPC) system’s cooling was governed by the broken chiller and having underpinned fundamental advances in Quantum Physics, it was imperative to restrict the downtime of the system to ensure the continuation of essential work at the site.

Acclimatise was able to provide the University with a 300KW temporary cooling unit which was up and running within a week of the initial failure. The necessary addition of our chilling system effectively mitigated the time between the initial malfunction and the installation of a new permanent chiller, protecting the HPC and safeguarding the ongoing research at the University.

Due to the degradation and age of the old 260KW chiller, it became unable to cope with the high temperatures that hit the city last year, and was decommissioned. Located on the roof of a 5- storey building in the city centre, our 3,500KG temporary unit was lifted into position by a 62 tonne crane.

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