Cool Customer: Chiller Rental | Temperature Solutions

Here at Acclimatise, our client base is extraordinarily varied. From the health sector to industrial projects, we have our fingers in many proverbial pies. For that very reason, when a Bristol data centre contacted us in need of a temporary cooling system whilst their new chiller plant was being installed, our team was prepared for the job.

Optimum Temperature, Optimum Performance

With vital computing equipment continually whirring away, it’s essential for a data centre to maintain optimal ambient temperatures for their machines. What’s more, our client was faced with several months before the planned works were due to be completed, making a temperature rental solution imperative. Conscious that the data centre’s performance was dependent on appropriate conditions, our experts selected a temporary chiller from our fleet of rental options to effectively prevent harmful overheating.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Of course, with different work environments from one client to the next, Acclimatise is often faced with situational challenges. At the Bristol data centre, our team devised a method to appropriately position the kit, overcoming the location difficulty. Using a crane to lift the equipment onto the roof of the premises, it was possible to fit the chiller without undue difficulty.

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