Your Cooling Solutions | Industrial Chiller Rental & Commercial Cooling

As the summer temperatures are (supposedly) climbing, the pressure to find your business a commercial cooling system that’s as reliable as it is robust is also reaching fever pitch. Whether you’re based in the Food and Drink sector or you’re simply looking to cool the shop floor, Acclimatise has a variety of smart solutions at your disposal.

Staying Chilled

Here at Acclimatise, one of our essential aims is to meet diverse situations with equally diverse solutions. For that reason, our fleet of rental chillers is truly varied, ensuring that our temperature regulation experts can identify the unit that best reflects and meets our clients’ business requirements. From our 20Kw heatpump chiller hire to the ‘heavyweight’ 1000kw unit, Acclimatise pinpoints a temperature regulation solution that takes your needs into account.

On One Condition…

Of course, chiller hire isn’t for everyone. Cue our industrial air conditioning units, making your cooling process efficient and dependable. Our highly skilled engineers assess your premises to determine which of the high-tech units will deliver the best results for the given situation, whether it’s as a temperature regulation system for an event venue or as a short term solution to summertime overheating during office work hours.

A Matter of Time?

If we know one thing, it’s that regulating temperatures can be unpredictable. Should you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected peak or trough in demand, you needn’t feel confined by time-scales thanks to our long or short-term rental options. See our full commercial industrial chiller rental and air conditioning hire specifications online today or call us on 01782 595 969 to discuss your requirements.