Regulate Workplace Temperatures this Summer

Summer can present many issues for businesses and the increased temperature can affect various aspects of day to day workflow. Our chiller hire service can help ensure you maintain an optimum temperature this summer; following the law, keeping staff happy and ensuring a steady workflow.

Follow the Law

The Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1992 state that employers have a legal obligation to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature in the workplace. Our temporary temperature units can help ensure that even through a heatwave, your building is within its legal limits and you can avoid liability.

Keep Staff Happy

There is no business without staff and in order to keep them happy and working well, you need to ensure they are working in an ideal temperature. Our chiller hire is perfect to keep offices and factories cool, keeping your staff content and the production consistent.

Ensure Steady Workflow

Increase in temperature doesn’t only affect your staff but it can also decrease productivity and workflow. Our chiller hire can help ensure your business stays running and keeps cool – no matter the temperature outside.

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