District Heating Hire

District heating hire solutions

By using a combination of reduced carbon technologies and fuel efficient machinery, our boilers are an ideal solution for district heating schemes. Our fleet of temporary rental boilers are available to hire now.

Acclimatise can provide a temporary district heating system  which is efficient, reliable and integrates smoothly with your existing system. Our experienced engineers will offer ongoing support throughout your hire period, ensuring all specific requirements are met.

Acclimatise offers an unbeatable boiler hire service for industrial and commercial boiler plant, providing temporary heating and hot water systems to both the private and public sector. Our fleet of temporary boilers ranges from 50 kW to 1000 kW (1 MW) with a maximum operating temperature of 95°C and safety valves rated at 6 bar. Dual-stage burners ensure that fluctuating heat requirements can be met with optimum efficiency under all conditions, including part load. With state of the art 24/7 remote systems monitoring and error reporting, we ensure that we know about and can positively react to fix any potential issues before they become a problem. Our UK team of specialist boiler engineers have designed all of our rental boilers prioritising energy efficiency, reliability and versatility to ensure all district heating requirements are met.

With our experience and knowledge, we are able to fully design and create boiler hire solutions where additional engineering or equipment is required to ensure a smooth, stable operation. We supply and install all equipment using only our own staff.

Our bespoke offerings include:

  • Manifolds/header fabrication​
  • Pump sets for multiple circuits
  • Three-way valves
  • Secondary fluid systems
  • Automated temperature control equipment
  • Fixed pipework fabrication​
  • Bunded fuel tanks
  • Fuel management​
  • Booster pumps​
  • Remote boiler monitoring/fault detection ​