Emergency Mortuary Supplies

Aside from being suppliers of cooling solutions for temporary mortuaries, Acclimatise can also provide emergency mortuary supplies including single and double door cold rooms, body boards and associated refrigeration units. Working in conjunction with Scandia who produce the equipment, we can supply a fully comprehensive solution that allows for seamless and fast emergency morgue set up on any remote site.

We are able to provide cool rooms with single or double door access, which can be hired in multiples to account for as many bodies as is necessary. Using our temporary chiller hire services or the cooling rooms that we assemble; the pressure can be taken away from traditional mortuaries and can help pick up a shortfall of funeral homes and hospital morgues.

Our emergency mortuary cool rooms can be erected on an interior or exterior site as long as there is a power source or generator nearby, which is something we can also supply.  All of the units are equipped with a high-quality weatherproofing system and thus can be fitted in external locations with no extra weatherproofing required.

For smaller setups, the cool rooms can be hired as a standalone installation as both models are equipped with wall-mounted integral refrigeration equipment that runs from a single 13amp plug. As standard, these systems have capabilities for both chilled (+2⁰C) and frozen (-18⁰C) storage.

The design of the cool rooms allows for the layout of the site to continue to grow to 3 door, 4 door, 5 door and beyond, which all use the same material and can be easily scaled up by our team in demand grows, ensuring that bodies are dealt with as quickly, efficiently and sensitively as possible.

Our temporary mortuary team can also supply body boards and racking, allowing for the safe and secure transportation of bodies both in and out of the cool rooms.

For more information about our emergency mortuary supplies email rental@acclimatise.net or call us on 01782 595 969.