Events Ice Rink Chiller Hire

When approaching the Christmas season, temporary ice rinks start popping up in towns and cities all over the UK.

Acclimatise are on hand with market leading chiller hire solutions for all your ice rink needs. By utilising our temporary chiller hire and heat pump, ice rink stalls can be both built and derigged in one versatile solution. This solution produces both hot and cold water, giving complete temperature control.

From Installation to Decommission

We take a full-service approach to temporary ice rinks, providing all the equipment necessary for installation, maintenance and decommissioning in one cost-effective place.

  • We start by conducting a full on-site survey to deliver the most cost-effective, bespoke temperature control solution
  • As standard, we supply a number of chillers dependent on the size and scope of the event
  • Several of these chillers are first used to create the ice rink, and then a proportion are kept back to ensure a consistently cool temperature to preserve the ice
  • The remaining chillers can then easily be repurposed, providing heat to other areas such as temporary restaurants, bars or boot rooms

Once the Christmas events period is over, our versatile heatpump systems can then be used to melt the ice rink, removing the need for any additional boilers to be hired keeping project budgets low.

By taking a full-service approach to the construction and maintenance of temporary ice rinks, Acclimatise provide a cost-effective solution in one place, meaning clients don’t have to outsource services or hire units from several different organisations simultaneously.

However, our full-service approach doesn’t stop with the rink. We can supply temporary heaters, boiler hire, and HVAC solutions for the rest of the building. Even if the structure itself is temporary.

Our market leading chillers range from 20 kW up to 1000 kW and have a cooling potential of -45°c. The units themselves are modular, scalable, and therefore the perfect amount you need to run your rink without wasting fuel or power.

For more information on our chiller hire services for ice rinks, call or email us at to speak to one of our many experts.