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Take the Pressure Off:

The events industry is undoubtedly fraught with pressure. What’s more, no matter how much planning may have gone into an event, the sector has a last-minute tendency to reveal extra nagging details demanding your attention. Mercifully, Acclimatise can help: with the installation of our adaptive temporary heating and cooling systems, it’s possible for you to refocus on the issue at hand without the worry of keeping attendees comfortable. Whether your sporting event is in need of a humidity regulator or your corporate conference requires a reliable air to air heat pump system, our units’ responsive designs actively take the pressure off you.

Made to Measure

By their nature, successful events are drastically different from one to the next, requiring entirely fresh vision. It only follows, then, that when it comes to finding a suitable temperature control solution for your event, Acclimatise takes the same tact. Our experienced engineers complete a thorough assessment of your requirements and site layout to produce a bespoke rental solution tailored to your event. This ‘belts and braces’ approach to your temperature control system keeps irksome interruptions at bay, leaving your occasion a cut above the rest.

 A Warm Welcome

Roll out the welcome mat and put those temperature regulation worries behind you. With our variety of temperature control solutions, we have an answer to any heating or cooling conundrum. Become the consummate host with our industry-leading temperature rental units. For your free site survey or if you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01782 595 969 or email sales@acclimatise.net.