Life of the Party: Temporary Heater Rental | Acclimatise

With the end of each year comes the compulsory Christmas party, but even this can bring its own heating complications. The need for an appropriate temperature control solution is paramount when it comes to ensuring your guests’ comfort, as one of our clients knew full well. With 12 marquee locations across the country, finding a suitable temporary heating system was essential for instilling that festive cosiness into each of our client’s venues, despite the winter conditions.

Our Party Piece

By assessing each location, our experts were able to provide a range of oil fired heaters for every venue throughout the December period. The perfect answer to the client’s heating difficulties, our portable heater rental was swiftly installed, restoring comfort to the otherwise chilly yuletide setting. What’s more, with our exemplary track-record heating multiple parties in recent years, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the heating solution could not be doubted.

Events are Hotting up

Whatever the event may be, from seasonal parties to winter weddings, Acclimatise’s heater rental can ensure your venue benefits from an ever-efficient temperature control solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01782 595 969 or email with any enquiries.