Air Conditioning Hire

All Air Conditioning Options For All Environments


Our portable cooling units include exhaust tube, split type & evaporative air conditioners, from 3kW to 10.25kW as well as a range of cooling fans – perfect for comfort cooling or process cooling.

Same Day Nationwide Service

Our nationwide team will deliver within 24 hours anywhere in the country, as well as installing & commissioning your units to make sure your solution delivers what you need.

Placement & Installation

Our delivery & installation team will also install the units for maximum heating or cooling impact & minimum fuss.

Handover & Maintenance

Acclimatise will manage all elements of onsite services if required until the conclusion of the hire, from power management to fuel management to our 24/7 call out service

Air conditioning hire

Coolspace hire

Unrivalled Service & Standards

Acclimatise has invested in the highest quality HVAC equipment from suppliers such as Coolspace, Broughtons, Novaerus, Arcotherm & Thermobile & every piece of hire equipment is serviced as new prior to hire.

Exclusive UK Coolspace Hire Distributor

Our Evaporative Coolers are capable of reducing temperatures by 20 degrees celcius, perfect for warehouse cooling. Air Conditioning Hire with an unparalled air flow from 16, 36 or 48 inch fan options for small to large applications.

Server Room Cooling

Split Type Air Conditioning hire units are ideal for data cooling  due to the equipment having the benefit of positioning the waste heat energy away from the area being cooled.

Quiet & Efficient Ducted Air Conditioning

With these units, heat is ducted outside of the building while the air conditioning units are positioned inside, thus creating minimal noise.

Industrial Air Conditioning Unit Hire

With our market-leading fleet of industrial air conditioning units, Acclimatise is a leading UK provider of air conditioning rental solutions for a variety of applications, including spot and process cooling. Our range of cutting-edge air conditioning units are backed up by decades of experience providing air cooling and conditioning solutions to a wide range of industries. Our engineers conduct site surveys before recommending an air conditioning hire solution that fits your unique requirements.

Temporary Industrial Air Conditioning & Air Handling

We offer a range of industrial cooling and air conditioning solutions, from a 2 kW portable unit to a 1000 kW chiller and air handling system, all united by a dedication to discretion; the technology we supply is infallibly efficient, reliable and quiet. This means that each Acclimatise air conditioning hire is aptly suited to a variety of purposes, from office climate control to large event marquee temperature management.

Bolster Air Conditioning for Commercial Premises

If your permanent air conditioning provision isn’t quite up to seasonal demand during summer, or is down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, a temporary hire solution will keep your staff comfortable and productive.

Keep Delegates Perfectly Cool 

If you are organising a large commercial event in either a permanent or temporary structure, you may want the peace of mind knowing that you have sufficient provision to keep your attendees cool should the temperature be more stifling than expected.


Air Conditioning for Private Events

Acclimatise have a long history of supplying air conditioning solutions for private events as well as to commercial organisations. Make sure your guests remember your events for all the right reasons.


Realise Your Project

As a client-centric organisation, Acclimatise works with affiliates – be they events managers, engineers or manufacturers – to build solutions designed around their needs.

Ultimately, this enables us to provide a highly cost-effective temporary air conditioning service by ensuring our customers never pay for anything over and above what is required.

All of our commercial air conditioning rental options are available on short, medium or long-term contracts, affording the performance of a permanent solution in a temporary package.

To find out about more about our effective industrial air conditioning rental provision; or to discuss your project with us, contact us now online, or over the phone on 01782 595 969