Air-to-Air Heat Pump Hire

Air to Air Heat Pump Rental

Our market-leading range of heat pumps are designed to provide a low maintenance form of temperature control; delivered as part of a bespoke solution, they are a flexible option to suit the client’s unique requirements, regardless of their sector or budget.

Operating as standalone items, our heat pumps work by blowing hot or cold air directly from the unit, and thus are ideal for a range of applications including large scale temperature control and process cooling. Efficient, quiet and non-intrusive by design, they’re also the preferred temperature control solution for a variety of events and working environments; incorporating our high-quality ducting and ventilation components, we can effectively pump carefully controlled air throughout buildings and into several different rooms simultaneously.

The heat pumps we offer have been designed to afford the non-specialist the utmost peace of mind. They work to regulate a set temperature which they determine through a network of sensors. Once the predetermined temperature has been reached, they simply switch off and switch back on when required. This enables the client, whether they’re an event manager with a hectic schedule or a production supervisor overseeing a large order, to focus on the products and guests at hand.

Acclimatise employ a fleet of engineers that operate across the UK. These highly-skilled specialists collaborate with our clients to deliver acutely tailored temperature control solutions. We offer a rapid dispatch and installation facility, and have often been called upon to provide emergency solutions in the event of breakdowns or other malfunctions. Our team can also provisionally install units to accommodate for scheduled maintenance breaks, or bolster production in seasons of high demand.

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