Acclimatise deliver a range of urgent and pre-emptive solutions with a reputation for efficiency and quality.

Regardless of the industry your company operates in, everyday power cuts, mechanical breakdowns or other equipment failures can have expensive ramifications for your business, which is why having a contingency plan in place is of paramount importance. Acclimatise have a proven track record not only for delivering emergency temperature control solutions but also working with businesses to plan for costly eventualities such as power outages, the overheating of IT infrastructures and shifts in working environment climates.

  • Ecological – As standard, our team only supply the most energy-efficient temperature control technology on the market; this doesn’t only help to minimise outgoings but also protects and conserves your corporate image. Our chillers, boilers and air conditioning units are small and discreet by design, allowing them to fit seamlessly into the majority of commercial settings.
  • Precautionary – In addition to delivering high-quality solutions in the event of an emergency, Acclimatise also helps businesses to prepare for scheduled shutdowns and maintenance in advance, as well as providing supplementary units for additional capacity. We work in tandem with clients, planning every aspect of the project from timescale through to logistics
  • Affordable – For most businesses, temperature control rental options are a cost-effective solution to a long-term problem. Acclimatise offer industry-leading technology maintained by experienced specialists, empowering organisations to grow safe in the knowledge that their key assets are protected.

Proactive Contingency Planning

Acclimatise deliver a range of urgent and pre-emptive solutions with a reputation for efficiency and quality, covering businesses
in the event of an emergency and affording them peace of mind to grow and develop. Simple malfunctions that could have been accommodated for can not only damage your business, but also severely affect your clients and their experience, so it pays to have the proper contingency structures in place.

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