Factory Heating

Factories are enormous spaces that rely on the smooth running of every single process to ensure that optimal output is achieved and one of the factors that can influence this, is temperature. To keep production flowing, maintaining both critical temperatures and staff comfort is key and Acclimatise’s fleet of temporary factory heaters can help keep your factory turnover high. Whether you’re looking to heat a specific work area to maintain a microclimate or to boost heating in the winter, our engineers can tailor a solution to suit your business needs.

Ranging from small electrical units to large oil-fired heaters, our fleet of factory heating hire units can aid in the maintaining of the correct temperatures necessary for production either during a peak in demand or as part of a disaster recovery plan. Our specialist engineers have a wealth of experience in factory heating and will form a bespoke heating solution that meets and exceeds the needs of your factory.

Our Factory Heating Hire Units:

  • 3 kW Fan Heaters
  • 18 kW Electric Heaters
  • 30 kW Electric Heaters
  • 55 kW Indirect Oil-Fired Heaters
  • 180 kW Oil Fired Heaters
  • 375 kW Indirect Oil-Fired Heaters
  • 1000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tanks

Our temporary factory heating can be tailored to suit a range of purposes, from heating a staff room during the colder months to ensuring critical temperatures are maintained in stock storage areas. All of our solutions are designed around the premises and our engineers ensure that the system we provide is cost-effective and efficient.

If you’re planning ahead of planned maintenance or need an urgent solution to aid in your factory heating, Call us on 01782 595 969 to discuss a project today, or enquire online.