Our technology is reliable and forward-thinking; however it’s our knowledge of the industry, and those that operate within it, which distinguishes us from market competitors.

Acclimatise work with a number of international brands in the food processing and manufacturing sector; our food storage and temperature control solutions can be found preserving valuable products in warehouses and complexes across the globe. Versatile by design, the temperature control solutions we provide can range from chilled air systems for absolute temperature control to reliable spot cool process technology. Where client demand requires it, we can even provide temporary insulated buildings to complement or replace existing storage facilities.

  • Practical – Over the years, we’ve amassed an unprecedented understanding and experience of the food production industry, including the strict network of regulations that govern it. This experience feeds into our designs, allowing us to provide increasingly tailored and compliant solutions to those we work with.
  • Adaptive – In a bid to provide a cost-effective option, every item we install has been optimised for easy integration with existing systems & processes. Efficient: In line with industry trends, we only offer the most energy-efficient rental chillers, featuring 100% re-circulation technology to reduce energy costs, eliminate environmental impact and thus improve profit margins.
  • Responsive – Acclimatise’s chiller rental units aim to address the changing needs of the modern food production company; they’re both a cost-effective method of expanding manufacturing operations, and a reliable means of covering the business in the event of malfunctions, scheduled maintenance or equipment breakdown. We offer all rental & hire solutions on both a short and long term basis.

Take Control of Food Storage

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