Warehouse Heating

Warehouses are vast spaces, with huge doors and thin walls; temperature control within this environment can be particularly difficult to implement. Without a warm, dry environment stock and staff wellbeing could be compromised but Acclimatise can help with their fleet of temporary heaters, ranging from small electrical units to oil-fired industrial kW heaters.

Acclimatise’s warehouse heating hire can help to maintain critical temperatures, create microclimates, or be used to boost temperatures in colder weather. By employing our temporary warehouse heating solutions, your business can ensure that the correct temperature for your goods is established and maintained, particularly during critical periods. Our engineers have a wealth of experience within the warehouse heating field and have a varied range of heaters for hire to meet your unique requirements.

Our Warehouse Heating Hire Units:

  • 3 kW Fan Heaters
  • 18 kW Electric Heaters
  • 30 kW Electric Heaters
  • 55 kW Indirect Oil-Fired Heaters
  • 180 kW Oil Fired Heaters
  • 375 kW Indirect Oil-Fired Heaters
  • 1000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tanks

Our fleet of temporary warehouse heating units are well suited to a variety of purposes, ranging from localised heating sources that provide warmth to small areas within the building, right through to large powerful units designed to raise the overall temperature of the building. Our engineers ensure that each solution encompasses each warehouses’ unique needs, before designing a solution that is cost-effective and efficient, striking the fine balance between staff comfort and preservation of stock.

Whether you’re looking for an urgent system after a breakdown or want to increase heat during periods of planned maintenance, Call us on 01782 595 969 to discuss a project today, or enquire online.