Defined by Precision: Event Sector | Temperature Control

Rising to the Challenge:

You may have noticed that here at Acclimatise, we relish a good challenge. Fortunately for us, one came along in the form of Frieze London, a critically acclaimed annual art exhibition in the country’s capital. Working with 20/20 Events, we were given a remit to carefully protect the delicate artwork from fluctuations in temperature by installing an efficient but flexible temperature control solution, capable of adapting according to the various different rooms and internal demands.


Balancing the comfort of visitors with the practical needs of preserving delicate artwork, we were faced with a complex brief that would require a multi-faceted heating and cooling system. Whether servicing the main exhibition halls and VIP areas or the kitchen, restaurant and storage areas, there were various factors to consider. As our Technical Director, Matt Venables, explains, ‘The main challenge […] is constantly controlling the temperatures in each area which changes within a matter of minutes depending on the external temperature and the volume of people in any one area at a time.’ Nevertheless, Acclimatise was equipped to solve this heating conundrum. With our unique modulating close control solution, it was possible to adjust air flow and temperature to achieve a constant internal temperature.

The Gear

We soon recognised that the event required varied apparatus. From hot water systems and heat pump chillers to air handling units and indirect oil fired heaters, we utilised our specialist fleet of equipment to precisely control the temperature of the premises. The main exhibition halls were serviced with preformed overhead ducting, hence preventing condensation and humidity from wreaking havoc with the artwork, whilst reception areas, toilets and hallways benefited from concealed fan coil units. Within the context of the gallery, it was vital that our heating and cooling solutions were not obtrusive or distracting from the artworks themselves.

Your Event’s First Impressions

Aside from the practical lessons that can be drawn from our work for Frieze, it’s also evident that the client valued the more subtle (but equally important) implications of having an effective heating and cooling solution. As Matt Venables tells us, ‘Temperature control done well can make an event. Areas which are too hot or too cold can leave attendees focusing on their discomfort rather than the exhibition or event.’ If your event is in need of Acclimatise’s technical precision, please call us on 01782 595 969, or email today.