Emergency Heating and Cooling: London Hospital | Acclimatise

Time for Change:

After many years of diligent service, the old condenser in a North West London hospital was in dire need of replacement. Based in the resuscitation unit, it was vital for patient health that an efficient temperature control solution was struck upon. The primary specification was finding an interim heating and cooling system that was as adaptable as it was dependable whilst the refurbishment took place. It was during this period that our temporary air handling unit stepped in.

A Shelter

In amongst all this upheaval, the hospital’s priority remained steadfast: to provide a stable environment for patients in the resuscitation unit. Any dramatic flux in average room temperature held the potential to damage the most vulnerable patients’ recovery. Having thoroughly evaluated the hospital’s requirements, Acclimatise swiftly installed a DX Unit as an essential component to the general standard of care. Featuring an evaporator, condenser, and thermal expansion controls, this unit’s multi-purpose efficiency was the precise solution required in the hospital context.

Meeting the Demand

Whatever sector we’re serving, we know there’s any number of responsibilities to carefully balance in your role. In the resuscitation and trauma unit setting, the need for an uncompromised air handling system was paramount. Deploying fan coil designs, our AHU adjusts according to demand, variously heating or cooling an environment. Whilst this not only demonstrated the unit’s adaptability, it also provided the hospital with a cost-effective solution that didn’t hinge upon the effectiveness of two entirely separate pieces of equipment.

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