Top of the Class: Heating Solutions | Acclimatise

A Heating Flunk:

Due to move into a new building in October, a Hertfordshire school contacted Acclimatise after finding that their main contractor was running seriously behind schedule. With the prospect of several months left in the old building, they were not only faced with the disappointment of staying put, but also with the challenge of properly heating the premises. The previous heating system having split and failed, the school was obliged to swiftly find an alternative solution whilst waiting for the January/ February completion deadline. With student’s health at stake, the job was critical.

We Hit the Books

Amid pressure to find an effective solution, our experts completed an in-depth survey of the site on the very same day of enquiry. Through doing this, we could identify the most prevalent needs and precisely how to address them. As ever, these scenarios have no regard for your convenience: occurring in the middle of term time, the school simply could not prolong finding an appropriate fix. As a result, Acclimatise installed a temporary hot water system. Running on oil, this acted as a catch-all solution, remedying both their hot water supply and heating difficulties within a matter of days. In this way, the school could get back to business with little impact on the pupils’ studies.

A Grade A Plan B

Here at Acclimatise, we recognise the value of having a viable contingency plan, whatever situation you or your business may find yourself in. Indeed, when it comes to undergoing large scale projects, there’s a medley of possible negative scenarios to account for, just as the Hertfordshire school found out. Thankfully, though, with our supply of industry-leading temporary heating solutions, untimely circumstances can be swiftly resolved, giving you the ideal ‘Plan B’. Overcome heating obstacles by contacting our helpful team today on 01782 595 969 to discuss your requirements.