Emergency Heating for the Christmas Period: We Have It Covered

As we head into the season of extended periods of freezing temperatures, if you’re a building custodian of any kind, especially that of a residential building, you should know who to call in a heating emergency. Acclimatise have a number of district heating solutions and offer a rapid response, 24/7 service, even over the Christmas period.

With our extensive range of portable indirect-fired heater we can offer a market-leading service. Our industrial heater hire units can be used to quickly restore warm, clean air into practically any environment, from small residential care homes to large hospitals and temperature-dependent warehouses. We design solutions to suit a range of applications across the commercial, industrial and events sectors and are able to provide a fast turnaround service to provide extra warmth for your Christmas event, right up to the last minute.

Flexible, scalable, efficient

Our heater rental service is entirely flexible, allowing us to provide bespoke heating solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Scalability is always considered when our engineers are designing a heating solution, as we want to be able to adapt to changing environmental circumstances and other variables, without delay of fuss. In doing so, our heater hires are incredibly efficient because we only recommend installing systems which meet your likely requirement, safe in the knowledge that if you do require more capacity or output, we can jump into action and scale up your provision with ease, whether on a short or long-term basis.

Our ecological values

In a bid to reflect the changing landscape of energy consumption and progressive ecological values, our range of heater rental units come with a number of different fuel options, making our solutions up there with the most environmentally friendly on the UK market. To find out more about fuel options, efficiency and ecological considerations, speak to one of our team.

So for cost-effective, reliable and efficient emergency heating solutions this Christmas period, and on into the winter months, call Acclimatise on 01782 595 969.